Armadillo previous / next post navigation

Can anyone explain to me how I can Armadillo to show next and previous post navigation links. At present if I click on a post to see it in isolation there is nothing to click to get back to the full blog posts lists.
TIA Richard

Before we move on to your latest Armadillo question, would you give us the pleasure of informing us what the solution was to the setup issue?

If it’s not solved, why bother going forward? This could be related to that. If it has been solved, mark it so and post how you did it or what the issue was. It’s a little gesture to helping hands, quite easy to perform, wouldn’t you agree?

Replied here:

I don’t think next and previous are available, but there is the possibility of adding navigation in the settings of Armadillo.

@Pixelart This functionality is something I’d have to add in a future release, it’s not something available currently.