Armadillo Solo content not happy in a partial?

Not sure yet what’s going on with this one, but certainly not hit it before.

Go here: (click the little padlock icon below coming soon bit to get past the spash.)

See those images in the sidebar on the main content, on the right, the bike with the gismo on the bars? That’s Armadillo Solo content that is. The whole sidebar is a partial, so it runs across all pages.

Like this one

Only, the sidebar on that page is dying and killing everything else below it on the page as soon as it hits the Armadillo Solo content.

Not sure what’s happening yet, but anyone seen this before?

OK, just unpacked the sidebar partial on this page:

And it’s all working now. So it’s defo a Partial/Armadillo thing.

Not sure how to fix it though, without pulling all the partial sidebars, which will be a right PITA.

OK, super weird!

If on a page that isn’t displaying correctly I explode the partial, then immediately undo that, by clicking edit > undo, then publish the page, it works!

I think I can get my head around the logic as to why this is happening, but would love to hear anyone else’s ideas/views.

Final update: It seems that once you’ve done the explode, undo thing, you don’t need to redo that when you edit something in the partial. It’s seems to be a one-time only task.


keep in mind that partial is sort of its own special page – one that will not include the CSS for the page – or any of the other stacks

sometimes a stack will include page-specific CSS – this may not be visible inside of a partial.

sometimes stacks rely on sibling stacks to provide their style details – the content from those siblings may not be visible inside of a partial.

this probably doesn’t change the functionality of the stack.

i also know of one bug within this area – it has to do with re-rendering all of the CSS changes between packing things into a partial or unpacking things afterwards. it’s more complex than just that, tho and it’s entirely cosmetic. it doesn’t affect save/publish or anything like that.

if you ever believe the display just seem… wrong. (first, file a bug report on how to make that happen) then you can force an edit-mode re-render by switching a different page and switching back.

Interesting. I added some time ago a feature request to be able to “disable the option to partial a stack”. Seems this is a good use case.

maybe better just to fix the bug, no?


Still as a stack dev I know if creating a partial out of a stack does make sense, or if it won’t work. But let’s discuss this one somewhere else 👍

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I’ll take a look at this, see if there’s something I can do in Armadillo to account for this type of situation.


the short answer is that uniformity and simplicity benefit everyone. but i do recall you filed a bug on this one. which is where we should discuss this. or maybe we already have and i’ve forgotten. that happens a lot. :-)

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thanks Jonathan. :-)

I’ve been taking a look at this and been unable to reproduce, so I’m wondering if interaction with another third party stack is a contributing factor. @steveb I’ll be reaching out to get more details.

cc/ @isaiah