Armadillo update: New editor... Looms the same?

Morning. I noticed an update for Armadillo today, to version 2.9.5. Having a read of the update notes it mentioned something along the lines of NEW: Brand new editor (or something similar).

I’ve updated, logged in, but can see no difference. I’ve tried to find the version tracker page again to check I didn’t misread and can’t find it. And the link to the online docs no longer works.

So, wondering if anyone knows what the update is and if the editor should now be different from the old version (mine certain;y isn’t!).


Hi @steveb

After installing the update from within Stacks you’ll need to:

  • Use the “Re-publish All Files” in RapidWeaver
  • Clear your browser cache

Otherwise, RW could potentially not upload the latest files for Armadillo, and even if it does, your browser will likely use older cached files instead of the newly uploaded ones.

The content editor is indeed brand new and looks like this:


@NimbleHost New editor looks good! I’m glad you are continuing to develop Armadillo.

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Thanks @mitchellm! Version 3 development continues, but while it’s still in the works I wanted to push out an update for those who have been so patient. Despite this being a point release, there are some significant improvements in v2.9.5 that will hopefully be useful and improve usability for everyone until v3 is ready.


Brill, thanks for that. I didn’t think to do a full republish, got it now. I still say Armadillo is the best RW-centric CMS out there.

Be great to see if @jannis could somehow integrate Poster2 with Armadillo: Use Arma for uploading and publishing the blog posts and Use Poster 2 for the styling and presentation on the page.


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I don’t think this makes sense.

In my head it does :-)

Create a post using Armadillo, giving it a title, summary, content, etc. Setup a P2 template that pulls in these elements and displays them P2.

Make sense?

Got to ask, any hints/spoilers of new features in v3?

I’m glad you’re still around! I always thought you nailed it on products and support. The community benefits from devs like you.

Oh man how I wish I could share more details, but it’s a bit too early still. Really appreciate the interest!


Much appreciated @bret~ :-)

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My hope is to be able to start a private beta in the next 2-3 months. Of course, you know what they say about “the best laid plans of mice and men…” ;-)


Jonathan, any updates to share? Can’t wait to see what’s next. 😃 👍