Axyn date picker and formsnap

Hejsan Mr. Ricardo

How do I get you date picker to work inside of Formsnap, or is it even possible. When I have set it up, I do not get that information in the email send by the form.

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From experience different form stacks can’t be mixed and matched.

AFAIK Axyn date picker will only work standalone or with UIKit form stacks.

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OK thank you, I found another solution to my problem anyway, so I am happy. I wish other datepickers had the same extended features as Axyns datepicker.


Hi Kent

I just saw your post.
I don’t have Formsnap in order to test this, however if Formsnap you can customize the email send via the form with custom template (and custom fields), the you might be able to use Datepicker with it.

Try something like this:

  • set the field name for the datepicker as: date_field
  • and the custom template being something like this:
    New message from #name# <br> #message#<br>#date_field#<br>
  • the input field names are in between #

Anyway let me know, and if you already tried it and it doesn’t work, try pinging @yabdab




Ok thank you, I will try it later today and let you know.

Hi @Kent ,

Just wondering if you tried datepicker with the suggestions that I mentioned?

Hej Ricardo

Was really busy this week, so I will try it as soon as possible and let you know.