Axyn Ecwid Stacks - Official Release Launch

Now with the Ecwid Suite of stacks from Axyn Technology, selling online with Ecwid, is now easier and more powerful than ever.

With the Ecwid Suite of stacks from Axyn Technology, you can easily control the majority of aspects of your Ecwid store to fit the look and feel. Set different local fonts to different elements of your Ecwid store. Control the color and size of different elements. Control how the images display, how the product details page looks like, what elements are displayed on the category pages or details page… and much more!

Although our suite of stacks are very powerful and give you a lot of control over the look and feel of your Ecwid store, they are simple to use!

Rapidweaver 7.x or above (8.3 recommended), Stacks 3.5 or above



IMPORTANT NOTE: if you purchased the Pre-Release version of the Ecwid Stacks, just re-download it from your Paddle account. Please uninstall the pre-release version prior to installing the official release of the Ecwid Stacks. The official release stacks includes a legacy store stack to ease the migration to the official release stacks (mainly the settings from the legacy store, which are now part of the customizer stack). They now also have self update functionality from within Rapidweaver, for updates and bug fixes.


Wow @Ricardo what a release! I’m very impressed with the huge list of options, well done.

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Thanks Lucas 👍🏼 It means a lot coming from you

Contemplating integrating an Ecwid store with a RW project. Would love to see an overview video.

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Hello @Jody,

I’m actually traveling at this time, and not able to do a video. However, please check the following conversation on the Realmac forum. That might help.

The Ecwid Stacks are very easy to implement in any Rapidweaver project. Whether using a regular theme or a framework. After you add the stacks to your page, you can take your time customizing the store. After I’m done with my trip, I can try setting up a webinar.

Here is the link to a discussion that might be helpful to you:

Please let me know if I can answer any questions.



Axyn Ecwid Stacks was just updated today to version 1.0.4

This version includes several improvements and additions in the following stacks:

  • Customizer: added more controls of font size and color in product page
  • Customizer: fixed custom target classes bug introduced in previous version.
  • Search: added color and size customization and minor fixes
  • Font: added more target elements for custom fonts control
  • Font: reworked the settings area to better match customizer layout

If you have v1.0.0 or above already installed in Rapidweaver, just press update under the stacks library. If you only have the pre-release version, please re-download it from your Paddle account.

Please note: the font stack received many improvements and changes, including variable changes. For that reason, if you have already used it in a project, you will have to either, remove the font stack from the previous project OR toggle the “qty” setting under “Product Page” in the “headers” row, see image attached below:



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Just about to launch a new site which uses these stacks. I’ve barely customised them at all but the ability to pop them anywhere on a Stacks-based site is brilliant!

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Thanks @rob.beattie,

I’m glad to learn that you found the Ecwid stacks easy to use, and worked well with your project. I can’t wait to see your site when you’re done.

Let me know if you have any questions when it comes to the advanced customization options.

Thanks again for the feedback and compliments.



Hello everyone,

I’ve just released Ecwid Stacks version 1.0.5. This release added even more functionality and customization options several stacks: Customizer, Font, Single Product.

v1.0.5 (3 Nov 2019)

  • Added single product items to font stack
  • Added single product text size, colors to customizer stack
  • Added background color override to single_product stacks

v1.0.4 (31 Oct 2019)

  • Added a number of product page font to font.stack
  • Organized the setting in font.stack to better match the customizer stack

v1.0.3 (29 Oct 2019)

  • Minor changes to settings wording in customizer stack
  • Added customizations to the search stack

v1.0.2 (29 Oct 2019)

  • Added a number of product details font size and color controls
  • Fixed custom target classes bug introduced in previous version.
  • Added color and size customization to search stack

I have pushed the new version, which you can update from within RW.
I have also updated the sample projects, and if you’d like to have those just re-download the Ecwid Stacks from your Paddle account.

Happy weaving,


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Hi Robb,

Also if you used the an older version customizer or font stack in a project, you may have to follow the instructions above, or replace them with fresh new stack .