Axyn - New Photography Project Release w/ launch promotion

The ChrisOhara Project is a modern, slick UIKit3 project, designed to focus on the work of the photographer/artist.

It utilizes the UIKit3 Stacks framework (required) from @Lucas , the free Scroll Mate 2 stacks from BWD.

The functionality of the project is enhanced by the Gallery and Repository Stacks from Instacks (optional). The Gallery stack allows for images to be displayed from a web folder, and the Repository stack, enables the end user to easily manage the image folders.

The project includes all the necessary fonts, images (from Unsplash) and logos, all of which can be found in the RW Resources.

As a launch promotion, the first 25 purchasers of this project get a 25% discount with the coupon:

More information:

Demo Site:

RapidWeaver 8.x
Stacks v4.x
UIkit3 Stacks Framework
Scroll Mate 2 Stacks

Gallery and Repository Stacks
Axyn Container Plus

You may use this project to create an unlimited number of websites for yourself or your clients. You may modify or adapt the project in any way shape or form to produce a website that fits your or your client’s needs. You may NOT resell the project, in part or in whole, modified or not.


Images in gallery now optimized…