Background color change - doable with coder stack?

Hey all,

would it be possible to do something like this using the coder stack and adding the css/js to a RW project?

And how would I do that?

Apart from anything else, find an example that uses Intersection Observer and not jQuery scroll events - your visitors will thank you for it. There are several on codepen.

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Well, I don’t have any idea how that would look like. I do know html and css to a certain extend, but I’ve never been able understand js, jQuery or anything like that, nor would I be able to differentiate js from jQuery.

Doing that is really dependent on JS so it may be better to find an alternate solution.
You can do it with Chroma if you like with just one line of CSS to stretch it to full screen.


Cheers, I‘ll give that a try.

@tav: Woah, thanks a ton for the file. Much appreciated 😀