Background video with Safari 15 on macOS (not iOS)

I am using background videos here:

On all Browsers, the video start and play without any problems. On Safari 15, the videos start to play and then get stuck. Only after a while they begin to play. It seems to work well with any previous safari version. I did try several stacks for video background play and did try to save videos with e.g. handbrake to enable web playing. To no avail.

Has anybody experienced similar or has a tip of what to do?


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Your video plays fine for me on Safari 15 with Catalina and doesn’t get stuck. It doesn’t play on iOS 15 Safari.

I did a quick check with my Project25 demo page with video BG autoplay, and the video plays on both macOS and iOS iPhone.

I see you have 2 videos for playback. The webm file is 7.1Mb and the mp4 file is 5.7Mb. Both are too big IMHO. Why do you have the larger webm one out of interest?

Thanks :-) I used Miro Video Converter to make them smaller. I still want to have 1080p for the large screen. Handbrake could not get them much smaller - what would be the best way to do so?

webM for older browsers - I use play from Doobox:

I have used Handbrake in the past with good success. I can’t recall what settings I used however, so you will need to try different settings and make a judgment on the size vs quality yourself.

Interesting. That Doobox video demo doesn’t play on iOS for me.

And which stack to make them play on iOS?

And do you use .mp4 only or other formats as well?

I only use mp4.

Using Source it’s just a few lines of code to play the video in any container which you can shape what ever way you want.

You could use SectionsPro Video BG.

Thank you!

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So I use SectionsPro and have reduced the size via handbrake. It is running on iOS now :)

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Yes . Much better.