Basic understanding of form settings

I have a question about the UIKIT3 for Rapidweaver form stack.
When I leave the “from e-mail” setting blank, the form does not arrive at all in my mailbox.
When I fill it in with lets say" “”, it does arrive in my mailbox, BUT when I reply to it, it replies to, not to the e-mail adres that was entered in the form, which is what I want… The e-mail input field was set with the “Type: e-mail” setting.

What do I not understand here?
Please help!

Hi Eric,

The Form sends emails using an email address, that’s the From email. The message can be send to a specific email address, that’s the To email. Both are mandatory fields.

You can use the same email address in both fields, so for example the address will be used to send and receive messages from the Form on your site.

Hope this helped. Cheers,

Hi Lucas!

Thanks for your reply.
One problem left, when I receive the form after being send from the website, when I reply to it (in thunderbird or other mailprogram), it replies to “” and not to the e-mail address filled in the form (the e-mail address from the person who filled in the form and send it.
I want it to reply to the e-mail adres this person has filled in the form.
Or is that not possible?

Cheers, Eric

Sure it’s possible to reply to the sender’s email, just check the Add Reply to box.

Hi Lucas,

I tried exactly this, but it didn’t work.
I found the problem, it was my mistake.
I entered “e-mail” in the “name” field for the e-mail adres input, the “add reply to” setting still didn’t work. I changed “e-mail” to “email” in the “name” field, problem solved!
Silly mistake!

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