Best Method to Display Multiple Previews

Hi Guys,

I just got setup in the forum - thanks to @Marten for the invite.

For a different twist, I’d like to ask other devs or users for their ideas :)
I would like to display several different previews of example content I’m creating and would like the following:

  1. It’s going to be in a section of my product page and only that area will need to change, based on visitors selection
  2. First preview will need to be initially shown
  3. I want visitors to be able to easily reveal each preview, maybe w/ a slide-in function or fade-in or something similar
  4. Need an interface w/ maybe an image or image/text combination that indicates what they are going to see.
  5. Content will be dynamic so hopefully it will be loaded behind the scenes and ready to be revealed

So, are there any stacks that do this, or maybe an easy way to code this?

The more I think about this - This is probably just the thing for TogglePlus from @willwood Should do what I need & should be simple enough for visitors to close & reveal whatever mixed-content preview they are interested in. Wish me luck.


Limelight would seem like an excellent match as well.

Thanks Jason, I’ll take a look.