Best Practice For Storing Images

Generally speaking, if an image is used only once on a site should it still be stored in RapidWeaver Resources or is Resorces best really for images used multiple times only?

Neither. Warehouse your images. Most flexible method and cuts down your project upload time when publishing to your server.

This is how - on your server, in your root (public_html) folder upload a folder called ‘images’.
Then for each page of your site have another folder inside called ‘home’ and ‘about-us’ or whatever.
Store the images that correspond to each page in the relevant folder.

When building a project in Rapidweaver choose the warehouse image option and copy the URL remembering to delete the public_html bit.


I would agree, to a point. What stacks you use will be a big consideration too. Many stacks and some frameworks don’t support “warehousing”. I would also suggest the size of your projects, not to mention the number of projects you maintain, has a bearing too.

I maintain about 60 or so client sites, and almost all use warehousing. I use a special domain on the same server as the clients site to “warehouse” the images and categorize the images into folders based on width and type. This way I can use the same image on several different sites.

To maintain the image “warehouse” I use the brilliant Repository stack from @Jannis It’s far quicker and easier than using an FTP client and adds a lot of additional features. Repository was built for many different uses but I know it was geared towards just this purpose, so it’s tools are perfect.

Warehousing isn’t the only way to go though, many use Resources and are very happy with it. It’s horses for courses.

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Thank you Aidy and TemplateRepo. Great advice that clears things up. I have been trepidatious about adopting a warehousing approach but it’s pretty clear that should be my SOP going forward.