Best way to add payment processing to Rapidweaver

I am doing a website where a user can pick from one of four products, then fills out a form with all of there personal details and then needs to pay. So, simple enough process. They can’t even or Product 1 and Product 2, or multiple copies of Product 3. It is just pick one product, enter your details and pay (it is a different price for each product).

I have used Formloom to capture the customers details, but then need to send them to a payment processor. I was thinking of Stripe, but am open to any others.

Any ideas as to which would be best stacks to use, and is Formlook right for this or would I be better getting something else?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

It might depend on how extensive the form is.

Ecwid works quite well and their free plan covers up to 10 items, so you’d be set there. And you can customize the checkout process (i.e. the info you collect). It has Stripe as a payment option but lets you choose others as well. There’s a Rapidweaver plugin, but I just use a stacks page and put the embed code into an html stack.

Yuzool has a couple of options that work well (Cart 2 is the latest, I believe) - I’m not sure the extent of the info you can collect and if that’ll match what you need from your form.

If you have a more involved form, Machform is great and has a payment integration option for their forms. (Formloom may work well, I am just not super familiar with it)

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I will checkout Ecwid right away. I’d looked a bit at the Yuzool stuff, but will have to look at that in more detail.

I do like Formloom 4 in that it is very attractive, which makes the page look good and build credibility.

The info I need is all pretty straight forward so I reckon anything that has some kind of form fields will be flexible enough.

Thanks for your help @jabostick. Really appreciate it.

I have a little addon that I call Pay Cards to do exactly what you describe. It uses @yuzoolthemes Cart 2.

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