Best Way To Create An External Update Events Page?

Hi all, I’m looking at creating an events calendar page that the website owner can update themselves. This is a freebie website for a local charity to help them out so a domain paid CMS isn’t an option. The Weavium Kalendar events calendar looks perfect but I have read that Weavium is no longer updating/supporting Stacks, is that correct?

It’s pretty important that the method of updating isn’t complicated for them so no markup/csv. I seem to have spent ages looking at loads of options but have not really settled on something appropriate.

If there isn’t a Stacks-based option can anybody reccomend a free online service that an account can be made with and embedded as a widget or module and stylised?

With it being a small local charity that needs the help I’m trying to avoid anything that requires them to pay a subscription. I don’t mind paying for Stacks though as I would use them again at some point in the future.


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I’m not sure how much of a problem it is that Skyler isn’t supporting his stuff any more. Kalendar still works fine, and as Andrew pointed out not so long ago, it’s based on a (light, efficient) vue.js component — so it’s still pretty much ‘state of the art’ stuff. I’m using in my sites. It’s just not going to get any new features or upgrades. (I’d also add that since none of the Weavium stacks are encrypted, a DIY hackgrade is perfectly possible too — if maybe hors de licence agreement).

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Thanks James, that’s really helpful to know -

it’s based on a (light, efficient) vue.js component — so it’s still pretty much ‘state of the art’ stuff.

Perfectly happy with no upgrades or (at least at the moment) future added features as it seems to fit the bill as it is. I think I’ll look at adding this stack to the collection, it appeared to be the solution from the outset, but was concerned it could throw a wobbler and not be supported.