Best way to rotate a stack?

Anyone know the easist way to rotate an stack 30 degrees in either direction?

What’s your intention in turning “any” stack by 30 degree?

Sections Pro

I’m trying to re-create this page in RW. Figured there might be a simple way to drag a stack into another stack and rotate it.

This is what I have so far

That is pretty simple with a couple of floating sections boxes in a section. Then just use Animate 3D child stacks to apply the rotation and perspective to the iPhone and iPad.

To reproduce this exactly you will use the animation capabilities of the Animate child but of course it can also be used for static rotations / 3D if the start and end values are set to the same number.


PS- Don’t forget to enable the Perspective and Preserve 3D settings in each sections box

Just getting a chance to try this now. My Perspective doesnt seem to be applying. Id there an example in the demo project file?

No, 3D was added after the demos were made.

First things to check

  • have you got Preserve3D and Perspective turned on in Sections Box.
  • are you sure that you are applying the rotation in the correct plane to see it. The easiest thing here is just to play around with X Y and Z orations in preview and watch what happens.

If you are still stuck then just send me your section in a fresh project and I’ll take a look.

Hmm… I tried creating a page that is just Site Styles, 1 Column Foundation, Sections Box, and
I dropped Sections Box into the 1 column and the into the Sections box. I toggled on perspective and tried changin each of the values with no luck.

Here is a link to the simplified project file