Bevel Stack & Warehousing

Hi Andrew

I have been playing with the Bevel stack and note that unlike all your other stacks warehousing of images appears not to be supported - is there a reason for this ??

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind Regards

Bevel isn’t an image stack, or is it?

It has a dropzone for adding content, any content. You can add a warehouse image stack to it if you want.

Steve is correct, Bevel has nothing to do with images. The bevels are either colours or gradients.
Bevel, however, will work as a mask in Sections Pro in order to cover part of an image; perhaps that is what you are wanting to do?

Hi Tave

I noticed in the demo project file than an image was embedded into an example bevel stack displaying the covering of an image on the drag and drop basis - it was this that caused my curiosity.


Yes, from memory, I just dropped in a default Stacks image stack - just use your favourite w/h image stack instead. I’ve been trying not to use Foundation or other proprietary stacks in the demo’s so that they will work out of the box for all users.

Ahhh that answers a question I’ve been trying to work out this week, on my bwd adventure . How to add a transparent bevel over an image. Via sections . Haven’t got to sections yet .