Big Sur... Or no?

My main machines are still running Mohave. `other than issues with S4.1 everything is fine. But, I realise this is now two versions behind the latest.

Machines are a 2017 iMac and 2017 MBA.

What’s the situation with such machines and Big Sur nowadays?

No problems whatsoever, though I prefer the looks of Catalina.

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Well said - the loss of contrast in BigSur may be fine for a 20 something year old but I’m not keen.

Catalina was the one before BS, right?

Can we not all just go back to High Sierra and leave all this dark mode bollox behind?

So would I be better going to (it’s the fucking) Catalina (wine mixer) or Big Sur?

I generally stay one version behind, but maybe it’s easier to just get upto date.

(I hate OS updates).


I don’t use that at all. The contrast problem for me is in normal mode. Its more like snowblindness now. I think dark mode is mainly used by people who used to have the shit kicked out of them behind the bike sheds at playtime.

Oh and dragging windows has got harder - apparently a bar at the top of windows is uncool so you have to try and find a bit that doesn’t have a button etc in it to drag the window by.

I don’t think it makes much difference. Both are fine. I’ve not updated one of my machines just so that I can use the computer if I can’t find my sunglasses.

Think I’ll just stay at Mohave!

I hate OS updates.

Yes, exactly!

And there’s done more with the top bar, it seems to me that in BS there’s somehow now more whitespace. I think it’s because most youngsters are working on a 80” monitor and don’t care about ‘screen real estate ‘.
The dame goes for the ‘floating’ launch bar, wtf?! Who cares…

I liked Catalina, but BS sucks (also Safari crashes continuously, while on Catalina everything was rock stable).

I need to increase the ssd in the MBA before I can update that, but it looks like I’ll be going Catalina. Just need to work out where to download it from.

Does anyone know?

AppStore: macOS Catalina - Apple (UG)

Upper right corner: “upgrade now”

I’d stay with Catalina, especially if you have a 4K external monitor or ultra wide monitor. Huge problems exist with screen resolutions and waking monitors in Big Sur (v11.1). A lot of people are down grading from Big Sur to Catalina. Apple seems to be taking its time to fix these problemsAlso in RW (v8.7 (20860)) and the latest Stacks, I can no longer drag a stack from one project to another project anymore. Also the stack settings sometimes disappear and I have to close and re-open the project to get settings back. Hope these issues are fixed soon.

I meant to post this the other day. I’ve finally got the MBA updated to Big Sur, I did the MBA first incase it all went tits up. But other than iCloud refusing to work it’s all good.

And I have to say, begrudgingly, I really like it. I normally don’t care about visual changes, but I like them! Although, I can’t see any contrast issues, so I’m curious what you are on about?

For me, if anything, contrast is improved. But maybe that’s just cus I’m a young 31* and you’re a really old man?


*I actually originally had that as 25, but figured that was pushing it, but I defo think I can pull off 31. And don’t ask 31 what? ;-)

Re the contrast, perhaps I didn’t use the right expression. There is actually more contrast but less readability .

We have gone from very dark grey text on light grey backgrounds to jet black text on white backgrounds and into the bargain the text has got thinner (exactly what everyone tells us not to do on webpages).
Its like being snowblind for me.

Also, the dragging thing. To move a mail window you have to grab it in the yellow area - I keep pressing buttons inadvertently because it is so tiny now title bars are untrendy.

  • I’m pleased that you are 31, that means I’m still only 29 winner.

I have a 2017 iMac 27inch that I added an extra 16gb to, so now 24gb. Everything was fine before Big Sur, now its slow. To fully boot up its about 4 or 5 minutes. That maybe due to my background apps but that didn’t seem to effect it before. I’m going to order more RAM but I’m skint so it’ll have to wait.

I had to update my hardware so I’m on a brand new MBP M1 16GB running the latest Big Sur and RW and everything is fine here. All the issues mentioned above seem not to be a problem. @tav has a point about the readability though but I think that’s a general new problem…

This new MBP M1 is something else!! I actually take time for coffee breaks now; am not forced into them like it used to be.

Startup time ca 16 seconds (Off to RW8.7…)