Big up to Mr. Webdeer and his projects

If you didn’t know, @Webdeersign makes some really nice projects for Foundation and Foundry (and framework free ones too) that he sells on his site:

A few weeks back I launched a barber platform and it’s generated quite a few enquiries from salon businesses (beauty therapists, nail bars etc.)

In between posting shite on here, extolling my self-opinionated self-proclaimed expert business advice and building the odd site for clients, I’ve not had the time to really sit down and design a theme, so I checked out Webdeers projects, and boom, #17 was perfect. $20 laters and I’ve the basis for a new salon theme template.

A few hours the other night, a few more last night tuning the Webdeer project and in less than five hours I’ve a finished template site.

So if you need some design inspiration, or just need a quick solution, check out his projects.


You are too kind. off your head must of the time, but too kind.

Glad you could make use of the Project. I actually hadn’t looked at it for a while and forgot how good that home page background video looked.

When selling design ideas to clients I usually get a very positive response, that using a video BG is what they want to do and I have used it many clients web sites since. Videos BG’s have a high wow factor but they must work on mobile and tablet of they are useless IMHO.

I almost always add in a video header now when pitching. And almost always remove it after a get the gig and am in development.

As you say, great selling tool, I’m not just entirely convinced they are such a great idea in the real world. But, horses for course.

Now, talking of horse, where’s me horse tranquillisers?