Bit of a problem with floating images in Scribe

That blog posts is one scribe stack with four floating images, set to display above selected paragraphs. Problem is, the paras commence with a heading, and the image is being inserted between the heading and para.

I understand why it’s doing it, but can’t figure a workaround.

Anyone any ideas?

One solution is to put the images below specified paras, but that not an option.

Let me have a think about this one but I suspect the only solution would be to have a setting that inserted it before a numbered header instead of paragraph. This would make no sense for a floating image of course but would work well in this situation where is it full width.

Below a para not an option then?

Below a para would be possible yes - would you rather have that than before header?

As a floating image, it makes sense if it is before something (as it will never float when after) - again not an issue for you here but I’m thinking of the more general use case

Right, yes, I see what your saying. Given how floating images are meant to be used, ie not full width, i see now that above a para is logical whereas below is a bit daft.

If my use here is “corner case” as the Americans devs like to call it, maybe I’m better off just using several instances a Scribe with the image set to top?

Of course you could always use a normal markdown image (and even use a resources url I suppose to avoid pre-warehousing the images)

I could, if I knew more about markdown images.

(Heads off to Google to learn about them).

Oh look at that, works.

Didn’t know that.

Sorted. ta.