Blankstrap 5.1 is here!

Hi all together,

Maybe someone remembers the first version of Blankstrap (a Bootstrap 4 based minimal theme).

With Bootstrap 5 released, also a new version of Blankstrap 5 is available now. It’s a lot better than the original Blankstrap and comes with a small set of stacks for navigation and layout, as also a modal stack. Additional components like a carousel will be included in future. It’s open source, if there is someone interested in helping out, let me know.

It’s nothing for the average user. I am trying to minimise the superfluous DIV tags in the generated RW and Stacks code. With this, knowledge about Bootstrap 5 and its CSS classes is required (or, how to find out where to find this information), for example in order to apply margin and padding.

Blankstrap 5 will be the base for some additional developments I am doing, like Repository Stack 2.
It should in no way (and will not because of the limited standard functionality) be a competitor to the great Source framework.
Still it’s fun to work with.

Documentation is in progress. First movers can jump on and have a look.



That looks great. Good job!


Blankstrap 5.1 just released, including:

Next steps on the roadmap: Further styling possibilities and deeper dark mode integration.

Have fun!