Blankstrap Issue with Core Stack

Just found out about Blankstrap and I really like the light-weight and clean approach of using Bootstrap 5 within RW.

While testing the provided demo Blankstrap5 project I ran into an issue with the Core stack that is used on all the pages as a Partial: when you enable a custom CSS file inside the component on the home page, it works on the one page, but it is not reflected on all other pages within the project, which is obviously the intention of the Partial being used there. When checking the Partial on other pages, it actually shows the changed setting, but they are obviously not used while generating the pages. Looks to me as a Stacks 5 issue. Can you confirm this? I am using RW9/Classic and Stacks 5.1.2.

Yes, that’s a Stacks plugin issue not able to provide the link correctly in a partial, unfortunately.

Thanks Jannis for your quick feedback. It’s obviously the combination of page scoped controls and partials that is causing the issue here. Have you reported this already to Isaiah / YourHead? I could give a try …


I doubt this will be fixed for Stacks Plugin any more.

I suggest we have a look how the behavior will be in Stacks Pro and have it working there 😉

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The page scope bug aside, when I successfully change the theme on a page, it looks like the sidebar navigation doesn’t work as intended: the menu simply doesn’t slide in like with the standard theme. Any idea what might cause this issue? Thanks

I’m happy to have a look if you could send me a link or the theme css file.

Just switch to one of the css themes that ship with your demo project. All three of those show the same issue. Thanks for looking into this 👍

Update: it works in a new project. Not sure what’s the issue in the demo. Never mind. Thx.

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Thanks for the heads up. The custom theme files inside the demo have been to old. I’ve updated these now in the latest release.

In addition I also updated to Bootstrap 5.3.3.

Please try to update inside the app (both RW updater and Stacks updater).