Blocked: A new Source project

I have just made a new project available for Source. It’s called Blocked and it is a bold, blocky site that uses some advanced grid layouts. It also has some interesting hover effects (check out the images on the Home screen and the blog posts).

Not only that but it also includes a sample blog page powered by the amazing Poster 2 by @Jannis.

Preview Blocked | Buy Blocked

Until 5th Feb you can get 20% off with the code: sth-blocked

Note: It is also available in our Projects Lifetime Bundle deal.

Also included in the project are 2 extra pages that showcase the Source ‘companion’ stacks (Animate and Toggle) that I recently launched. There is still a few days to get a discount on them too if you are interested. More info here.



holy guacamole 🥑


What a unique and creative Project.

I love the way you have used the Source hover effects.


Also very impressed with the blog hover effect. Works really well an an indication that the blog can be clicked on.

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Yeah - i like that too. It uses a little custom CSS. I had an email from someone asking how to do that (he had seen it on another site) so thought i would include it here.

I am always positively surprised what Gary and Stuart are able to build with Source and Poster.

If I only had time to renew my website… 😄

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Very nice! Been working on a site for weeks and then I see this. Makes me want to start all over again. Love it!

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Just a note to say that i have updated the Blocked project with a couple of nice additions:

  • it now has a more fittingly styled heading (see image above). This has been created using Grid Plus Pro which lets us place elements of the heading into a grid layout. A similar technique is also used for the header on the FAQ page.
  • See also the animated version of the home page to see the new heading animated too
  • I have also added a new page for ‘Services

An update email will go out to those that have already bought the project but if you are reading this then you can download the updated version now by using the download link you received.


Excellent update. That animation is very effective and breaks the mold from the type of animation we have become familiar with.