Blog for RW...?

What’s hot at the moment in the terms of blogging within RW?

I’ve a new client who needs a blog. Normally I’d add one of my usual solutions, but nothing is getting to look we need. It’s a bridal site, so style is everything.

In an ideal world, @Jannis would have already made the editor for P2, but he’s a slack-arse, and hasn’t, so I have to find an alternative ;-)

I need to be able to style the published blog (a la P2), have a fairly easy editor, the ability to add pictures to posts and also the ability to define blog categories.

I don’t need it to be a stack, I’m happy to plug in a “external” plugin/script, whatever, I just need the end result (the published blog) to be really nice to look at/use.

Didn’t you want to jump on the Blocs bandwagon and finally use Volt CMS?

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I had a play with Bloc, made a few sites with it, it’s fun to use, but ultimately wasn’t for me, so haven’t touched it in over a year with no plans to.

This new sire is using one of my templates as the base, so I’m committed to RW for this one.

GoCMS has a nice blog. I know that @yabdab isn’t currently pushing it, but it’s still supported if you have a copy already.

I don’t have that. Shame, as I’m a fan of his stuff nowadays.

Popped my head in here and noticed this thread. You probably know my answer… ;-)

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I did head over and have a look (again) at TCMS, wondering if it were suitable, but couldn’t really find much in the way of demos. You do have a demo page, and one you can play with, but they didn’t feel very intuitive and the design was fairly simple, which I understand for a demo, of course.

Have you a list of sites powered by it anywhere? So I can see what others have done with it?

Something else… You’ve been touting TCMS2 for ages now, which makes me wonder what sort of shelf life v1 has left in it? I don’t want to get into the position where I build an entire site around v1, hit a snag, to which the answer is “upgrade to v2”. Essentially, buying into v1 now might feel like digging in with a soon to be obsolete product, which isn’t a good idea.

@joeworkman Now that you are supporting Nick Cates back catalogue, are you breathing new life into Nick Cates excellent GoCMS? I always liked the look of the GoCMS layouts which remain the best looking RM blogs IMHO.

GoCMS was not Nick’s product. It belongs to Yabdab. Nick did some design and collaboration on it though.

Yes. The demo for blog is very simple. However, the power of Total CMS blog is that it really does not have an opinionated design. You are the designer. Total CMS purely manages the data for you. Here are a handful of lovely websites that all have their data managed by Total CMS.

I have done myself a disservice with this. I have been working on Total CMS 2 off and on for a very long time. Weaver’s Space is obviously built on a previous version of Total CMS 2. I have rewritten CMS2 three times now actually. My perfectionism has gotten the best of me. However, 2021 will be the year. However, I would not recommend that you wait for it. I am far enough away that I don’t even want to give an ETA on it now. There is a lot of work to still be done. But the path is clear. I shipped Total CMS 1.7 last month that has most of the features that I planned on adding to blog in v2. Total CMS v1 will not go anywhere. It will be able to live side-by-side in RW with v2.

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You have. The first thing that happens when anyone talk of a V2 is that v1 sales stop. I used to see it every year in the bike trade when brands started pumping the new seasons bike in the middle of the existing one: No one bought the existing one, instead holding out for the new one. Classic marketing mistake than many make constantly.

Yep, they always say that too ;-)

I think I’m about to knock this new job back anyway, as it’s starting to get outside of my comfort zone, so I don’t suspect I’ll be needing anything for this one. But one day, I will get a play with TCMS and find out just how awesome it is for myself.

And on that day, you will wonder to yourself why you waited so long. ;-)


This was not obvious to me. The site seems very top-heavy and feels like it requires a lot of browser resources.

Question. How difficult would it be to construct in Foundation 6?

I’m not really a demanding user, but Go CMS seemed to be good value, as did Armadillo.

Someone said Mike isn’t really pushing Go CMS and Armadillo 2 was touted a while ago, but nothing much has been mentioned since.

I’m a little concerned about what the global pandemic will do to Rapidweaver and it’s group of developers.