Blog Implementation?

I just purchased UIkit3 and also the Project files and am curious how some of the projects are supposed to be made to work? For example, the Blog project. It looks great, but its one page only and seems really just a front end only. How are people utilizing it as a real project? Entering blog entries etc seems like it needs a CMS?

Hi @octaneguy and welcome to the forum!

All projects are one page, basically the start points for complete websites.

About the Blog project indeed it is to be used with a CMS, many are available on the RW community. Poster from @Jannis is a great option.


Ok that’s what I figured. I have most of the available CMS options including Poster 2. I’m not a full time web developer so there’s always a learning curve for me. I purchased the UIKit 3 mostly because I wanted better control over my blogs and I’m building a member site for my students right now. Thanks for confirming

Hi, if using Poster2 and UIkit for a blog, my free PosterBlog2 might be on interest to you.


Once you get a handle with Ulkit3, there is no turning back to your arsenals of other themes – there is hardly a third party stack throw in my designs that does not enhance the beauty of this theme.

I must say, however, my ease of use comes with having purchased the Pre-built Projects Framework package. I simply “copy and paste” or “drag and drop”, then modify. Voila!!!

I’ve been struggling since I messaged you about implementing Poster 2 with one of the projects I bought. Is there any way I can see an example of how Poster 2 can be implemented? I have a rudimentary understanding of how Poster 2 works but trying to get it to filter “Featured” or “Trending” blogs is whats confusing me the most.

Thanks. Yes thats one of the projects I’ve been using to learn. The attached file is the project I purchased and have been trying to get it implemented with Poster 2.

I see there items on your screenshot which I don’t think can be implemented with Poster 2 in the exact same way.

ok thank you!!! That explains why I’ve been having so much trouble lol.