Bloody Customers

So unlike you pesky mortals I don’t usually design sites for other people, until now. I agreed to design a website for a celebrity couple as part of a package deal with our main services.

Jesus Christ.

Can you move it up a bit more? I don’t view websites on my phone so I’m not bothered with scrolling, I want a webpage for every image. Can you stick our Pinterest pages into the menu? I want our friends to complete a form with our favourite 800 karaoke songs that can be selected and added to (a database) the list of who sings what. And about 30 more revisions that make no sense.

Bugger this. I have a lot more respect for you guys plying your trade than I did 2 weeks ago.

Rant over.



You need a better vetting system to weed out the PIA clients. ;-)

And there was your first mistake!



if you get paid according to working hours, there shouldn’t be a problem…


Or how about when a client makes a (bad) suggestion and you implement it in all its horrible glory - presuming that they’ll see the errors of their ways once they see it is clearly an inferior option - and they end up saying they like it so it stays.

Bloody customers.


Ha. Happened more than once.


I previously spent over an hour teaching a client how to drag & drop. After a lot of back & forth with the system apparently not working we just had another meeting where I had to explain that PDF files have to be saved as PDF and not as Word docs. This took another hour.

Me: "Simply insert the PDF file“

Customer: "O.K.“

Customer inserts PDF file into a Word document


Yes, now how do you get out of that? lol…without a bad review or some thing…

Wow, that sucks. Sometimes you don’t realize how crazy a customer is until you get started.

I had a guy call me for a website, I quoted him and he accepted. After an hour on the phone listening to him explain why he wanted WooCommerce instead of Shopify and all the research he did. He insisted on WC and that was my ticket to decline the job.

He called back several months later, telling me how the web developer he hired was horrible to deal with. LOL. (yeah right). He proceeded to tell me how he paid the guy then stuck it to him and got a refund through his credit card company.

But the real reason he said he called was that he realized that Shopify was the right option for him and he’d like to hire me. I resent the original quote with a price four times higher. I figured if I had to listen to that guy another minute, I was going to charge him for all the time he was going to waste.

Best of luck with your client. These types of people are fortunately few and far between.

I think we’ve all had experiences like this. Eventually you develop a gut instinct for difficult ones and the trick is not ignoring it. The luxury of doing so depends to a large extent on how busy you are with other clients though.

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