Blue "select" border around LL menu after clicking

Hi Andrew. Any idea how I can get rid of the blue border which appears when I click on the Limelight Menu burger-icon? You can see a live example here:


There is something wrong with the CSS file on that page - I suspect that there are some hidden characters or something odd going on.
Open the browser inspector and click the resources tab. Select the CSS file stacks_page_page0.css and simply add a space to the file in between existing lines or at the end. You will see the entire contents of the target menu area disappear from the page - this obviously should not happen.
Try simplifying - do you still see the focus outline with just a limelight launcher and a limelight on a page?

Thanks for that quick answer. I just published a test page with only a LL launcher and a Limelight on a page and do still see the blue border (in this example only on the left):
Hm, could it be that it’s some incompatibility with Foundation 6 (which this site uses)…?

Well that page has fixed the broken CSS file so that was not from the theme or limelight.

Looks like F6 needs the outline turning off


will fix it

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Thanks Andrew! :-) (that code is working fine)