BluePrint SideBar divider postion

The divider isn’t centred between the aside and content, it only projects into the content area.
I currently have an SVG (gold line) acting as the vertical divider and I’m using Spro/SBox to overlay it on the BPSB, it’s centred and thus aligns with the round SVG’s.
I’ve turned on the divider in the BP sidebar and coloured it red to show the offset clearer.

Try turning on Gutter shrinks sidebar?in the Gutters settings.

That is on but … I decided to keep the svg’s as I was then able to ScrollMate the living hell out of the timelines :)

Gutter looks equal to me when using the divider - bizarre

Which is Spro/SBox? I can’t seem to find it online.

Sections Pro: Sections Pro Stacks for RapidWeaver
Demo / Features:

Sections Box: Sections Box Stack for RapidWeaver
Demo / Features: Home | Sections Box stack for RapidWaever

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I’m dumb. Yes. Thank you. 2 of my favorite stacks, actually.

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