BluePrint SVG Stack & Opening Links in New Windows

Hi @tav

I am using the BlueprintSVG stack in the footer of my site pages to display social media icons and to provide links to those resources.

In setting up the links I have specified that they should “open in a new window”.

However they seem not to want to open in a new window and open in the current window.

I have both enabled and disabled the “open in a new window” instruction to see if a ‘glitch’ was to blame.

Additionally and after having re-enabled the instruction to “open in a new window” I re-published all site files.

Alas nothing seems to work.

The footer is contained within a partial and spans the entire site.

The url for reference is

I would be extremely happy if you could identify the issue that is causing this issue.

Kind Regards

The issue is RW8, it’s been pointed out to Dan and co repeatedly throughout the beta and never fixed.
I don’t know if it occurs with every project or only those that were previously RW7 projects.

Try creating an external link with any other stack to confirm. If you do confirm it then you should report it on the forum.

Generation of the link code is handled by Stacks and RW via the link dialog. The theme however also plays a part.

As Paul says, try creating links in other stacks on the page (not text links) - so they also fail to open in a new window. If so then try changing the theme, does this make a difference?

I have seen this in RW7 too. I never got to the bottom of it but there is an issue that is triggered by something I have not been able to isolate. I have seen it in a couple of sites that worked fine and I did some small text updates and then the Open in new window links didn’t open in a new window. What had changed was Stacks went through some updates and very likely some of the stacks had updates. In my case the theme was Foundry which has the required theme code which was even visible on the non working sites.

Thanks Guys for all your inputs - I will take heed of the comments and revert once I have been able to test as suggested.

Kind Regards

Hi Guys

So I took your advises and in a page I have redeveloped today I included a link to ‘open in a new window’ within a BluePrint > Sidebar > 2 Column > Paragraph Pro - the link does indeed open in a new window.

This url is

The links in my footer however still do not wish to play ball.

Any other tips / ideas ?

I can’t find the 2 col > Para link on that page BUT - if, as I suspect, you created a link on a piece of text via the orange link button then this will work and is a different mechanism.

To test as above, you must create a link using the Link button in the stack settings panel - e.g try the Add Link in a Foundation Header or Header Pro.

If that does work then send me a project file just containing the broken footer area. Thanks

I have just had another thought - but I can’t test it out until I am back at the computer.

I just wonder if it is because I have included the ability to add a data-attribute to the link. If so, then I suspect there is not a lot we can do as that is crucial to several people who use PopDrop with SVG’s.

I will report back this evening on this.

I’ve just had 2 minutes to check the source code on my phone and yes - because I added the ability to use data attributes then the open in new window functionality is lost.

I can’t remove the attributes as they are far more useful and used by a lot of people.

In addition, it is simple enough to drop the BluePrint SVG into a link stack container of whatever sort (Joe has a free one) which of course is not the case for adding attributes so I think it is the correct solution overall despite the inconvenience - sorry.

Hi @tav - thank you greatly for your feedback,explanation and solution offering.

Its all greatly appreciated and confirms that I hadn’t gone insane.

I hope others take note also so that we can all benefit from your advises.


There may actually be a solution to this with Stacks 4. I will keep you posted and will implement it if at all possible

Hi @tav the solution is LinkBox a free S4S from Will

I just meant we may be able to get the data attribute and the open in new window working together with Stacks 4. It would be nice but not crucial.

Ahhh - understood !!

In the interim at least I have a workaround even if not truly efficient.