Booking Forms


Can anyone recommend a booking event app/online service/stack?

I need to put a booking system into a website for a Town Hall. One 3 rooms to book!!



I know about this stack from @yuzoolthemes:


@alixnotes Yes, indeed, as Jannis says, the booking stack from would be the ideal option for what you’re looking for. And the customer service of Michael @yuzoolthemes is excellent, he is a very nice guy, always open to feature requests 🙂


Thanks both. I have that stack and tried it, but unless Im being “thick” I can’t see that it offers a calendar so that people can see what dates are already booked.


Surely Michael @yuzoolthemes will find a solution for you, answer your questions 👍🏻


Hi…I think that is on his ‘to do’ list…I am same as you…need to show pre-booked dates…


Yes, it’s been requested. Hopefully he’ll come up with a solution.


Thanks for the kind words @TINO!

Yes @alixnotes it doesn’t have the calendar to show pre–booked dates presently.

The work around some users have been doing is taking the booked data (from the CSV that is created) and putting those dates into their Google Calendar so they know when things are booked - and sharing with their work colleagues. Then below the Stack pasting this calendar on the page to show “booked” dates.

Hope that helps for now


Thanks Michael. I had thought of the google calendar, but unfortunately its a public booking form and it relies on “self monitoring” There really isn’t anyone to put the dates into a calendar. For the meantime I’ll see what else I can find. But will wait with bated breathe for the update.