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Hi @yuzoolthemes, a few things:

  1. Can the email notifications to site admin and booker be different?
  2. Can you please add an iCal invite to the email sent so that the appointment can easily be added to a calendar? Point (1) above would be essential for this to work.
  3. If I understand correctly only one extra field can be added, totalling three. I’d like to see a fourth custom field and an optional notes field. I have a client whose clients need to select the mode of appointment, e.g. “Skype”, or “onsite”. Ideally this would be a radio button, but a text field would do.



I really think a field which could be customised as menu or radio buttons would be great actually.

Thanks @anon86375441

  1. Yes!
    Receipts + Notifications:


  1. Hmmm cool idea :) Not heard that one before! Will look into it.

  2. Yes we can add that. Will probably be text field as people want space for address, tel or other info. So this can be up to the weaver’s discretion!

But as you say radio or menu button would be cool :)


Thanks Michael. I reckon a fourth text field and a fifth radio/menu field would be great.

As for point (2), I’m not sure if you can do it but you would need to generate a “.ics” file, same as when you get Mac Calendar to email an event to someone. Double-click, and in she goes!

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