Bootsnipp how to use them?

Hi Will,
We are working with RWSkinz and we will try to take advantage of bootsnipp, I can’t find any video or info how to use… “for dummy” :-) like me.
I was trying to add “back to top” but not sure which part I need to copy and which one I need to change…

I saw that I need to copy and paste all 3 elements, HTML, CSS, JS
but I see error in my test. :)

If you can provide some more information (i.e. the link to the snippet you are trying to use) one of us can perhaps take a look at it for you.

The free Builder stack can also sometimes be useful in these situations. It can act as a template / boilerplate in helping you get the correct pieces of code into the correct parts of the page.

Worth noting that RWSkinz is using Bootstrap 4. You may have less success with using older snippets that were made for Bootstrap 2 or 3.

I’d also say that I cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that every snippet listed on Bootsnipp will work for you. The ones I have contributed probably will, but some of the others can be hit-or-miss.

If you want a video produced on using these snippets, I welcome any curriculum you forward to me that you want covered. I have not done any new video’s for a while because I’ve not finished setting-up my recording system on my new Mac Mini and YouTube demonetised my account, so the incentive to get new video content out has diminished somewhat!

Thanks @willwood l for the fast response.

I will take a look of builder for sure… but it’s might be faster just buy a stack :)

On the other hand… I like to learn new things…anyway.
here the “back to top” that I like to put on my new “test website before go live”

I know that already is a Bootstrap 3.0.0 Snippet and RWSkinz is using Bootstrap 4.

but if I try to use for what I read, I need to copy the 3 elements HTML CSS JS and paste on my code page.

@willwood I will also send a private email. Thanks!!

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thanks I will take a look.