Botanist: A new Source project available now

I am pleased to announce a brand new Source project file. It is called Botanist and is a really clean and professional looking site that could be repurposed for many different website types. Botanist has some striking header sections that really catch the eye and also makes use of some interesting layouts.

And for those of you that are keen to get your page speeds and core vitals in order then Source micro framework and our project files are definitely worth a look:

If you like the look of the project then it is available until 15th April with a 20% discount (use code botanist20 during checkout). Alternatively it is also available in our great value lifetime projects bundle!

Preview | Purchase


Stunning. So impressive to be able to build it using just Source and to show the 100% page speed results. You really couldn’t ask for more.


Hejsan Stuart, beautiful project. I am a subscriber, can I get this one with my subscription? And if so, how do I get it?

Kind Regards


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Hi @kent

Apologies - i realised my lifetime / subscriber list wasn’t up to date and then got waylaid. Sent out now!

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Ok Thank you, no worries, I am happy to get such a nice project…

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I have played around with the “Botanist” project, and I am downright in love with this project. Clean and ultra-fast websites can be built with Botanist and Source in general. The sites I have made that are scoring highest on Google Lighthouse has all been Source sites. Thank you Stuart for letting us in on such a modern and up to date framework.
One site I am currently working on for my own project as a bakery consultant, is made with the “Blocked” project from Shaking the Habitual. And I am scoring more than 90 % in lighthouse, in all catagories, and I am not even finished yet. And it is looking clean, simple and beautiful.


Great to hear you are liking it @Kent! Appreciate you sharing.

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I am assuming you need to own all of the add-ons for Source to get this result ?

Hi @Nostrildomus - the main pages (Home and Project) need only Source and Source Addon stacks.

The ‘Extras’ pages demo the use of the Source companion stacks. If you don’t have these then you would just use any third party equivalent. They are just to give an idea how additional elements could be styled and included in a project like this.

Hope that helps?

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Gotta give a GIANT THANK YOU to @habitualshaker for his great products & more importantly his expedited support. Can’t recommend enough ! Two thumbs up, my friend !


I purchased but I didnt see anywhere to put a discount code

It’s easy to miss with the Paddle checkout. Have processed a partial refund for you now.

Thanks for the purchase. Hope you enjoy the project.

Thank you. I’ve been meaning to try Source for a while and this project is an easy way to understand the mechanics of the theme. Very nice project

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Bother… I read the post about overlooking the discount box… and still missed it. Mine is the purchase made at 23:58 Japan time on the 15th :-)
Remaking my website will be by summer project and I’ve been looking for theme to use for quite some time.
Very excited.
Thank you

Ha! No problem. It really is easy to miss. I have processed a partial refund for you now.

Hope you enjoy using it. Just shout if you have any trouble.

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Awesome, thank you