Botanist Sub Menu Items

I’m happily converting my old website to work on the wonderful Botanist theme.
Only challenge so far is that one of my current pages has 30 subpages. Simulating on a 13" macbook I can only see 22 of the pages listed (23" - 22, 12.9" 29).
I can’t have less pages as they are very popular. Years ago there were mega-menu stacks or something where a long list of sub pages would be listed in two columns instead of one. I haven’t used RW for a while so a little rusty.
Any suggestions please?
Thank you - Tim

That’s a lot of subpages. Is it an option to sub-group them in some way?

Or if you are happy as is then this CSS should allow for the dropdown menu to scroll:

.navbar .ml-menu ul { max-height: calc(100vh - 100px) }

.navbar .ml-js li.dd-open>ul { overflow-y: scroll }

Thank you for the CSS that works ok on laptops.
Yes, it is a lot of subpages but ESL is taught by theme and that is how teachers use the site. The other pages are arranged the same way. Many schools link to specific pages so I’d prefer not to start merging them. I’ve thought of using Poster, but my page ranks are currently very good so I don’t want to interfere with how Google sees the page, except for significantly improving page load times, content clarity, and removing the 30 links in every side bar, which is why Botanist really appealed to me.
I’ll keep tinkering with it, and thank you again for the CSS.

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