BP SVG sizing in Firefox

I’ve used a Blueprint SVG as a % responsive header image. All works well in Safari, Chrome desktop and Firefox IoS but Firefox desktop appears to take its percentage from browser width and not the image dimensions.

The SVG is in a floating (position) Sections Box. The SVG is set to 250% for desktop based on its absolute dimensions.

Is there a way to make it work in FF - or should I revert to a standard cover PNG image?

It’s the banner image here:

It is not a good idea to do it the way that you have.

I would simplify the arrangement and just float the SVG in the main sections layer using the Adv Positioning child and if necessary the BG Size child. Setting the size of the SVG to 200% of its container is a really bad idea, if we can get rid of that aspect then it should work in FF just fine.

This page uses an SVG in the background to make the CHROMA watermark text and it is fine in FF http://demo.bigwhiteduck.com/chroma/pro-markers/