BreadcrumbThing vs Source

I played a bit around with Source and like it very much, but I found a small incompatibility with the BreadcrumbsThing stack (@Marten). As soon as I add the ‘Source’ stack to the stacks page (Source theme), the bottom end of the “breadcrumb” line isn’t properly clipped and shows some artefact. It might have to do with line heights and your rem-definition to be 10 px, unfortunately I couldn’t find the right setting to fix the problem.

BreadcrumbThing w/o the ‘source’ base stack added:

BreadcrumbThing w/ the ‘source’ base stack added - creates bottom artefact:

Thanks for your help

Hi @GKs

If you add the following to the CSS pane then it should tidy things up:

.breadcrumbthing li {
	margin-bottom: 0;
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Thank you for your quick reply @habitualshaker

I am sure this will resolve the issue - unfortunately, I will be traveling for a week and will not be able to confirm it until next weekend. Nonetheless thanks again.

Dear Stuart (@habitualshaker),

I was able to test the css snippet, and it surely fixed my problem ;)
I marked it as solved, and thank you again

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