Browser wars – anybody remembers that?

I’m sure we all think we know all about it. Why return to this ancient topic? Well, there is a fascinating ‘Web History’ article by Jay Hoffman @ CSS TRICKS. Reads like a thriller…


Interesting geeky read. Thanks for posting.

God, I must be old — I remember when ‘Browser Wars’ was Mosaic versus Spyglass! The first browser I had was Tim Berners-Lee’s WorldWideWeb on my lovely NeXT cube. (Later it would be OmniWeb, when Omni were NeXT developers making browsers). A friend in the NeXTSTEP Users Group told me I had to see it, it was the future. Naively, I was not convinced that ‘the future’ was linking technical documents together! But it was interesting. Then again, my judgment was never that great in these things — another friend was helping a flaky Internet startup build their first site in the late mid-nineties, and they wanted to pay him with equity. I told him to make sure he got cash up-front. “And what are they called?” “”.

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