Building new replacement site

I am in the process of building a new version of an existing site using the Source framework on the same server in a new subdomain folder.
The current address is and I am building the replacement using the subdomain with the site inside a folder named “source”

Does anyone have any tips on when the time comes to replace the existing site with the one on the subdomain. Is there a particular procedure?

I’d say make a backup of the original site first… best to put the complete content into a /backup folder or similar. Then clear the main folder, move all files from the subdomain to your domain and done. If it doesn’t work, it’s at least easy to reverse. Hard to speculate or advice on moving a blog or CMS though until you made clear if you use any.

Thanks Fynn for that.
I’m using Go CMS Unlimited for the blog and 1LD’s Quick Editor for the CMS and Repository with Gallery 3.

On the new site only, or on the old already? Since I don’t use any of those stacks (yet), I can’t help with moving that content, but I’m sure the documentation or the developer support will provide some more information about that.

For goCMS

Thanks for that. I have just tried goCMS but have decided to go with Armadillo as I really like the Redactor editor interface.