Button Element ID in Stacks to trigger action in iFrame? Solved - Non Issue Now

Hi All, sorry long explanation…

I’m not sure if this is a Stacks question, a Foundation 6 question or just not doable in either so thought RW4ALL would be a good place to ask, but if anybody has any idea I would be eternally grateful as I’ve been going round in circles for two days trying to get something to work.

I have an animation created with Verge 3D within its own page and dependencies uploaded to my web server. The animation software is self contained and has interactive elements that works in its own right, I’ve tested fully and is working.

If I want to add an HTML based interface the software instructs to put it in an iFrame (have used Offsite, HTML manual coded stack and Embed). Great that works with all three and the interactive elements work within the iFrame when clicking on parts of the animation that trigger the animated parts. However if I want HTML buttons to trigger the animation instead of or additional to clicking on the animation the tutorials recommend Webflow (because it is popular) to create the HTML interface and buttons. It does state you could use something else, of course I use Stacks so would like to use that.

The Webflow process is straightforward create a new page (index.html) add an iFrame, set URL source, add a button and this is where Webflow is different to Stacks…

The Webflow method states create button and then set the Element ID of the button to “ANIMATION_TRIGGER_NAME”. Which is the trigger name that works within the animation. My trigger name is “cubebutton” it is 100% correct and works within the animation. The child page should be waiting and listening out for the parent page for a button that is clicked with the appropriate Element ID.

The rest of the process is the same, save, upload the index.html and css button dependencies folder. The Webflow method enables the Parent page button to trigger the child page triggered action.

Everything is 100% working, the only aspect that isn’t working is that I can’t place a button via Stacks with an Element ID called “cubebutton” to trigger the action as I can’t set Element ID.

IN SUMMARY is there anyway in which I can name the “Element ID’ for a button in Stacks? Or for a Stacks based button to trigger an Element ID?

I have tried everything, I’m going nuts, anybody got any ideas if possible?

Big thanks

Did you try using the Link function in Stacks where you would set the URL if you wanted the button to jump to that URL.

Under where the URL goes, use the small plus to open a new line and key and value will appear.

Enter id into key, and elementname into value.

That may achieve what you are tring to do.

Thanks Webdeersign, can you believe this, after two days of going nuts, searches and all sorts of tests I then collapse in a heap and think right I’ll ask on RW4ALL. Then… 25 mins later I get it working!

I had a conflict in my call to the parent doc, a tiny little snippet I had put in in the early stages was also asking for “cuberotate” I can’t believe it, a proper schoolboy error. It’s always the simplest thing that causes the biggest problems.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.

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