Can I change language of a page based on region/location?

If a visitor comes from Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic can have the page in Spanish for example. I have a button for translation and works great, but if that can be done automatically it will be better for some people. Any stacks for that particular need?

By location

By Language or IP

Geo looks awesome. Do I need to create a whole page in another language?

You need to create the content in the alternate languages you want, but you don’t need separate pages. I have a partial with the Agent Lang language selection that looks like this:

On a page I add a pen stack for each language and add the content for each language there. With the collapsed Pen stack it’s easy to keep an overview of the page. Here is an example:

For menus and headers you can use the %lang macros, e.g. %lang(en:Legal,de:Rechtliches)%
You will need to setup your SEO to reflect the selected languages too. If you use SEO Helper, then this is what it could look like:

Joe has good videos on SEO helper and Agent Lang - there are actually two about multilanguage - watch the second one as Joe re-wrote a lot of stuff after the first video.

Well I already finished the spanish website in another RW document. Do I need to do this all over again!? Or I can use a stack to point to that page based on region. I don’t want to do these pages all over again.

This is maybe the best one:

Not really since you generally only need the text in different languages = Page in multiple languages. (NOT multiple pages in single languages) on smaller websites.
But you can subdivide them too (multiple pages in single languages)

You can copy the text from your finished Spanish project…

And you think that people can go to my website and depend where they are the website will be in their languange? I don’t want them to click on a Spanish button. (I have that already and it’s not working at all) I just need they type the address and it comes up in spanish.