Can I put the RapidWeaver icon on my desktop for quick accessing?

Hello - I’m new to the whole web page design thing and Rapid Weaver came very highly recommended. I was wondering if it is possible to put the RW icon onto my desktop for quic accessing?



I don’t know if moving the rapidweaver app would cause a problem, but … make an alias of the app, and put the alias on your desktop. Or drag the app to the dock. It creates an alias and keeps things accessible while keeping your desktop neat.

To make an alias, make sure you are in the finder. Select your RWicon, go to file menu and select “make alias.”

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Another idea is to add folders to the dock.
There used to be a number of apps that would do this, but — as in my case — you can easily do it manually.


Also, option-command-drag creates an alias.