Can scribe files be .html instead of .php?

Don’t the files need to be .html for a static page ‘server’ like an S3 bucket? I just redid a whole section of a site with Scribe and noticed all the files are now .php.

Scribe only changes the page type to PHP if you add the floating image child stack.
The reason for this is that Floating Image supports importing of CMS images which requires PHP.

If you are not using the CMS Image function there will be no PHP code on your page.

The way that Stacks works means that the page type will be changed because it may be needed if you selected certain settings (for CMS import). Individual stacks like Scribe have no control over this behaviour.

Is there a particular reason why the file having a .php extension is problematic?

Thanks for the quick reply. There is no .php service on Cloudflare Pages which is where I’m hosting the site. The same would be true if I were using S3 or other serverless options.

I spent several hours looking for a stack that would fill my requirements and Scribe is perfect except for this .php problem. I’m only using Warehouse images and obviously can’t use any of the CMS functionality without php.

Would you be up for a cash bounty to make a version that has no php (and excludes any functionality that would require it)? What I love about Scribe is the power you have to float multiple images around a large paragraph of markdown without having to break it all up into sections.

As an alternative, if I write a script to rename the .php files to .html will it work?

I can make a new floating image child without the CMS functionality yes, that would stop Stacks changing the page type every time you publish or make a change. I’ll try and do it this evening for you.


That would be excellent! Thanks.


Can I second that request? I use Scribe floating images quite a bit, and since I host most of the sites I manage on S3, have been manually changing the page suffix to .html each time I publish an update. A sans-php version would be great to have!



Just run the stacks updater 😉


Sorry, should have posted here: