Can’t open a file now can’t open RW

A RW user who was on v6 upgraded to v8 and then tried to open a v8 project file that opens on my system fine. He is getting the following error. At first, he thought it was the project file, but now Neither version of RW will open for him. Any ideas? I’ve never seen or heard of this before.

I remember seeing a similar issue. There used to be a Realmac KB article on this but the link doesn’t work anymore.

Might want to check with Realmac Software Support and find what happened. I remember there was a fix in the article.

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RW should open again when you delete the app preferences.

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly in which files there are stored. Must be somewhere underneath the Users Library folder -> container or -> preferences.plist

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I think this is the “revamped” kB article:

Realmac really needs to learn about redirects when they move stuff.


Many thanks, guys! I’ve sent the link Doug mentioned to the guy in NY. That should fix him up. Cheers!

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