Can't get RW contact form to send to client's outlook.office365 account

Do any of you guys have experience in setting up a client’s email on your server, with a RapidWeaver contact form on their website configured to send that form directly to their outlook.office365 account?

Apparently I have all the correct DNS settings and MX Records on my server — according to Jose from MS Support — and yet I can’t get a single message to reach my client’s account.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the form itself — as it fails with Formsnap, Foundation and the default RapidWeaver contact form — so I can only assume the fault is in my configuration of the form itself.

Any ideas?

Hi Marten,

Can you add a screenshot with the form settings and the password email address and password obfuscated?

FWIW, I use Amazon SES for all my form emails. It comes with several benefits:

  1. Free.
  2. Can use a subdomain so spammers wont hit root domain reputation.
  3. Bulletproof reliability.
  4. SPF and DKIM support for authenticated (not spam blocked) email.
  5. Provides 0 access to client email account.

Thanks, Bret, here you go:

I don’t have FormSnap, but I did look at the documentation. It looks like you’re populating the settings in the way prescribed by the stack, but your settings may be incorrect:

  1. I believe your host should be
  2. Try changing your prefix from SSL to TLS, and change your port from 993 to 587.
  3. If the client has two-factor authentication set up in 365, they (or you) will need to create an app-specific password for SMTP.
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Thanks, Bret, I believe you may be onto something here.

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Bret, you’re a fucking genius! Many thanks.