Cart 2.5.1 update appearing in Stacks updates again and again

Hi @yuzoolthemes, the Cart 2.5.1 update is appearing in Stacks updates again and again since weeks now. At least for me. ;-) I can click on “Update”, but when restarting RW and checking for updates again, the Cart update is there again. This is of course quite annoying meanwhile. I have seen this behavior with other stacks from time to time and each time it’s been some versioning issue inside the plist-file of the stack or similar. So, maybe you could fix that soon… Thanks. :)
PS: Also in the decription of the stack in the update information the text begins to show up in italics, and from there on the whole Stack Updates window is in italics. Hm, some closing tag missing…? ;-)

I see the same as you. Using RW7.55. I checked my stacks folder for multiple or unusually named versions of Cart but couldn’t find anything.

@yuzoolthemes is away for some days, so please allow some time to respond.


Not urgent for me. I was just really curious why the text on the Update button was italicised.

As i was typing this I thought that I should have a look at the console during the update. Guess what? I clicked Update and it did update this time.

@Webdeersign And it didn’t ask for updates anymore after restarting RW and again checking for updates? Tried it just now and still this odd behavior. Well, will have to wait until Michael is back again…

Yes it does come back after a restart. I had forgotten that it was after a restart that it appears again because.

In the pList in the stack is an entry for the stacks version number, it’s this entry that is checked to see if there’s an update.
What’s happed is the dev has done everything they wanted for the update but forgot to change the version no. in the pList before putting the stack on the update server.
If you, the user has done the update then you have the updated code/functionality within the the stack, it’s just that it still has the old version no. in the pList.

It’s happened before, it’ll happen again … devs are just as human as the rest of us.


Thanks @paul.russam 🤩

It’s either that @wolf or sometimes the date of the Stack is funny and has to be changed via terminal (never sure why)

In the meantime please ignore it or download via the email send out and overwrite it with a “yes” and it should fix this


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