Cart2 Cart stack "Enable Subtotal" option?

I’m building a page using @yuzoolthemes Cart2 stack. I thought there was an option to display the cart value on the Cart stack button. In the settings for this stack there is a tick box option called “Enable Subtotal”, but clicking it doesn’t cause the cart value to appear.

Should it? Did it? Can it?


Tagging @Jannis as I know he knows this stack well.

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Sorry, I don’t know that Stack that well as I know this option.

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I believe that the Cart2 Stack offers those options, however, Michael Frankland of Yuzool Themes when he returns from travel will clarify or confirm it. You can contact him on the RW forum.

Michael has its own space here, so all good.


Yes indeed Jannis, so all good 🙂

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I’ll wait for him to get back from yet another holiday ;-)

Oh, and Mr. @yuzoolthemes it seems that if you now de-select SKU’s it breaks Stripe checkout.


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Thanks guys - and yes I’m just back… 😅

@steveb the subtotal appears in the cart:

Which is the “enable sub total” in the Stack - this might have been from an earlier version… I can’t find it?!

We do have the amounts in the button though like this:

Yes the SKU has to be enabled for Stripe so that can do the account reconciliation with email and dashboard notification of the item. Are you not wanting it to appear in the cart pop up?


Thanks everyone for your patience and hope that helps!

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Hope you enjoyed our trip. And yep, that cleared it up for me, ta.

I’ve made a little “add-on” (as I call them) using Cart2 for my clients who want a super simple product listing page, it’s been popular:

What I was hoping for is to have the total of the cart displayed on the “View Basket” button, but it’s no biggie.

If you ever plan to add a “display cart total” stack to Cart2, that would be cool ;-)


Pay cards is awesome… great integration of Poster Stack + Cart 2 and some @steveb magic :)

That’s a good idea… hasn’t been suggested before so never tried it!
Have added it to the list of ideas for another round of updates at some point ;)