CartCMS demo admin page

Hi Michael,

The CartCMS demo admin page appears to be broken :-(

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In what way Geoff. It looks a bit weird I think, but do you mean it doesn’t do anything?


@Geoff This is what the admin page looks like. I could not believe it either and asked for repayment. So far I have not received a reply. I think it’s a pity that Yuzool published something like that. The shop looks very nice, but the admin page is completely useless. It makes no sense to deal with it at the moment. Pity…

Not “broken” - it just doesn’t have a “reset” built in once people have been playing around with the admin panel… It looks like “empty” items have been added, and some links to images have been removed by demo users…


Yes @Raimo that’s right… I didn’t have time to build that in :)
I’ll reset it every now and then and then auto mate it. Was hoping it would be touched gently but sometimes these things get vandalised 🤪

I’m not sure what you mean… It’s not useless. You double click and can edit items. It’s actually quite intuitive. Simple yes, but it will improve as feedback comes in from users. What are you not happy with?

I love the idea - it’s the missing piece of the RW puzzle - but the admin page is too primitive for any client that I’ve got who needs a store. Just looks unfinished. Just some general observations, intended to be helpful, rather than just critical.

  1. Why such a huge gap between the column headings and the thing you’re selling?
  2. Why doesn’t the cursor change shape to indicate something is editable?
  3. Is Adding a row the same as adding an item?
  4. Why doesn’t anything happen when you click Add Row (or Add New or Add Option) and what’s the difference between all of them?
  5. It may be that all these things could be answered quickly and easily but without instructions or a video, I’m afraid it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I’m sure it will, just not now.


Sorry Michael, the CartCMS demo admin is still in a state. Not responsive and truncated fields - is it missing a link to the css?

I’m not happy that I bought a stack that obviously is not ready yet. That’s why I asked a developer for the first time to refund my money. I have not received any reply or refund so far. The blanket statement no refund for digital services is probably not effective in this case. The product is completely unusable. My last option is to settle via Paypal.

I sent this to you by email on the 4th and 6th of July. I mean, I made it very polite …

Hi Michael,

yesterday I bought the Cart CMS Stack and tried it out and am horrified. The UI for the admin section is just awful. Apart from the layout, entries are often accepted only on the second or third attempt. I gave up a few times.

In the meantime, I wanted to set up a small shop for some customers who only have very few products, but that’s better I do not do. The anger and support of such a UI is too high for me. It is certainly easier if I care for the products directly in RW and use a Paypal button.

I am asking for a refund. If you ever have a working admin solution for the stack, I’ll gladly buy it again.

First of all, Michael is currently moving, so please give some time until response.

Secondly, I am quite unhappy with these refunding requests. The admin demo page was available publicly, so complaining afterwards is a bit unfair, isn’t it?

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