Centre navbar items and an offcanvas question

Hi Folks,

I’ve taken the plunge and bought UIkit as it looks like it will give me the granular control I want and also can do pretty much everything I need without using 3rd party stacks… It’s fast too!.. Nice!

Couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to have my set of navbar items centred on the bar and not left or right ranged?
  2. Is it possible to have the Offcanvas mobile menu slide right across the viewport instead of only 2/3rds, thus giving me more room for bigger nav items?

Just for reference re the menu ranging, this is the site I’m rebuilding in UIKit: http://lechladek9centre.com/

Many thanks

  1. Switch the bar structure from Rapidweaver to Menu Builder. The menu will then default to three areas to which you can add menu items, dropzones, dividers, etc. One left, middle and right. You can now create a “manual” menu (always best option IMO) and simple add menu items to which area (left, middle, right) you want.

  2. That I’m not sure on and would need to check. Bear in mind that you really don’t want to build the off-canvas menu to be much wider than about 3200px, as there are still a lot of devices around with screens that wide.

Hi Steve,
I have already set the menu to Menu Builder, however there is only drop areas for LEFT and RIGHT in my version? Am I missing a checkbox somewhere?

Right, that’s odd. I’ve just dropped a standad Navbar stack on a page, selected menu builder, and I have the middle option by default. I am using a beta set of the stacks, so that might be it, but I was sure the middle option was there when I first downloaded it!

Maybe @Lucas can shed some light? Be worth emailing him on his support address, he’s normally quick to reply.

Regards the full width off canvas, one solution is to not use Offcanvas but a modal launched from a button in the menu. Similar to this page: http://ci-clientservices.com/clientdev/uikit/page2/

Now that is a smart solution! There’s always more than one way to crack a nut as they say!

I’ll email Lucas and see what he says.

Thanks Steve

Hey @rojharris I’ll get to my computer later today and take a look. Meanwhile just a hint, in order to have a menu on the middle set the brand to left or right on the Navbar settings.

Ah yes, that works. In menu builder, if you select to put the branding in the middle, you have no middle menu item area, which makes sense!

Ah yes of course. That makes sense. Thanks @Lucas. I’ve also emailed you but there’s another question in that as well as the menu one. 🙂