Changing Domain Name

HI, I have a website i’m trying to transfer to and I seem to be unable to do that.
So far all I can do is verify that Rapid Weaver 8 is actually publishing something to the server and getting it up.

I have a banner on the page at But that is published from a NEW project file. I cannot seem to just change the settings in the OLD project file from the previous domain and republish at the new location / directory (even though all the settings / config appear to be the same between the two projects)

When I try to simply change my domain name settings in my OLD project file to the new domain:, it doesn’t load up anything. Just see a blank page.

Also I tried just dragging and dropping pages from the OLD project file to the NEW one. That also doesn’t work. but strangely enough if I copy and paste the STACKS into a new page. That does seem to work, but only work on the HOME page, it won’t work on any separate page / subdirectory.

Kinda odd… any tips welcome.


OK I think i’ve narrowed it down to SiteLok Configuration… probably something to do with the database.