Charter - Dynamic URLs

Hi all,

I’ve just pushed out an update to Charter (v.1.3.1) that adds a nice little feature that I thought I’d share…

A couple of weeks back I was approached by a user who asked if it was possible to use a variable to populate the csv url that Charter uses to link to a data source. He was wanting to build a single page that his sales agents would access and see their own sales charts (amongst other things). He maintained a Google Sheet for each of his sales agents (that were themselves updated from some other source using zapier) and wanted to point Charter to the appropriate Google Sheet depending on a query string in the url (e.g. ?agentID=1999). v1.3.1 now has a function that allows this to happen.

View this example web page (and be sure to select different sales agents from the page to see the charts change). Remember all happens on the same RW page with a single Charter stack.

It’s probably a bit of a niche/advanced feature but I think it could definitely be useful for some. Any questions please let me know.

Also, using Charter, I have begun to recreate / replicate various interesting charts that I have found online and will publish these soon. They should act as a good point of reference about what Charter can do. If you have any chart examples that you would like to see built in Charter then please let me know (preference will be given to those that have a link to the data - e.g. csv file).


Very cool. Good stuff.

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Great update / feature Stuart. Thank you

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