Chroma Pro in Internet Explorer 11

Hi @tav

I have used Chrome Pro and PopDrop to create a menu for a site Ive built.

On all devices except Windoze it works fine. Specifically Windows 7 Professional SP1 / IE 11

I have 2 markers that change the colour of the menubar as you scroll down from dark grey to light grey to transparent. All fine except on “the above” where the menu bar covers the whole view port so that you can’t read the page until it gets to the transparent part at the bottom of the page.

Any ideas what I can do? (I appreciate you probably don’t have a crappy windoze machine to see what is happening, but nor do I. Or I would have taken a screenshot. Unfortunately the person who told me about it didn’t give me a screenshot either. Sorry!


It works fine in Edge on Win 10.

On Win7 / IE I suspect the oversize problem is because Chroma contains a SideBar which uses FlexBox CSS. This is causing the browser to calculate the height of the Chroma bar incorrectly and make it much too large.

The most obvious thing to try is to use a different column stack and not sidebar. (Bear in mind that all the new columns coming to updated frameworks soon are FlexBox too and will not support iE11).

Internet Explorer market share is now below 3% and users should be encouraged to move to Edge or another Browser. Even Edge is now being discontinued in its current form and will based on Chromium -the nuts and bolts that is used in Chrome and ironically originally forked from WebKit (Safari).

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yes this is specific to IE and not Edge. Pain up the bum!!

Thanks Tav. I’ll see what I can do.


FWIW, it looks like ChromaPro is covering the full height of the browser window in WIn7/IE11. So, it is definitely calculating the height of the Chroma bar much too large.

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Btw, I do keep a VM with WIn7/IE11 handy. If you need a page checked, let me know. I didn’t bother with screenshots once I saw Chroma covered the whole window.

I was correct, it is the presence of FlexBox CSS that is breaking IE.

If I remove the display: flex from the sidebar columns the bar is sized correctly.


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Thanks Tav

Also - where did you get that version of ScrollMate 2 from (rhetorical question!) - that is not the release version and has (a) debugging console errors in it and (b) is not the finished product that works properly.

If you are going to get pre-release copies then you absolutely must download the proper release version from my site. The beta versions will not update automatically.

ok , done and thanks :)

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