Chroma Pro + MagicGellan2 mobile menu dropdown

On this (very rough draft) page, I’ve used MG2 inside Chroma Pro to have a logo scale from 0 to 80/120px and use the overflow bar.

However at tab/mob sizes the first item of the dropdown (About) is not clickable.

I thought it might be a pointer-events issue as the menu item is “under” the logo but I can’t crack the nub of the problem.

Any help will be gratefully received. Chroma/MG combo are my go-to: still the most intuitive and innovative menu stacks - apart from MenuLab (I speculate).

It is indeed the overflowing logo that is causing the Chroma Bar container (invisible) to overlap the MG2 Menu.
Your MG2 appears to be set to a mobile bar height of 70px so we can just limit the Chroma gubbins to that height with the following CSS (put it in site wide)

.chroma-scroll-pro, .su-content>.container>div{
    max-height: 70px

P.S. Can you get any deals off them on Kioti compact tractors, I’m in the market for one?

Thanks @tav. New times. Just like the old times 🤣

I’ve just popped an email to the client re:Kioti. I’ll let you know and put you together if he’s keen to talk - as I suspect he might be as a new enterprise.

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